Are you available in person for consultations or psychotherapy?

I focus on consultations, not psychotherapy after many years of both. If you live in the Bay area and are interested in consulting with me in person or by phone, please contact my office (650 856 0302) or drop me an email through this website.

We can explore what it might be like to work together. If we both believe it might be helpful to proceed, we can talk about what the current waiting time is and whether you want to be on the waiting list or prefer a referral.

Are you available just by phone for consultations?

I consult by phone nationally and internationally, If you want to be on the waiting list for long distance consultation, please email me through this website or leave a phone message at any time of the day or night at (local number) 650 856 0302.

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Do I have to know about Jung or dreams or be an artist to work with you?

Not at all. I had the good fortune to be exposed to training in several schools of psychology. Different approaches are suited to different people and situations.

I do like to make sure there is a good match between your personality, values, and goals and my training, personality, and styles of working. I also take pleasure in matching people who want intensive psychotherapy with experienced therapists.

I focus now on consultation regarding creative projects, both professional and personal, and creative crossroads and roadblocks. I also give high priority to consulting with those with whom I’ve worked before so that we can dive deeply and quickly informed by a wealth of history.



I'm interested in executive coaching. Do you do that?

I delight in working with executives in whose work I believe. I work with them in a variety of ways and time frames depending on their goals and availability.  While my schedule is very committed, I try to keep time available for specialized work of this kind, especially for people who have heavy travel schedules. I am happy to work in-person and/or by phone depending on the executive's schedule.  I have great respect for executives who are committed to enriching their inner life while drawing on its huge resources to run large projects and teams. Please contact my office at (650) 856 0302 or email me through this website to discuss these possibilities further.



I'm a therapist. Do you provide consultation for therapists?

I do individual consultation with therapists. I learn so much! My availability depends on the nature of the consultation and scheduling. If you'd like to be on a waiting list for consultation, please phone my office (650 856-0302) and we'll talk. If I'm not the best person for your consultation needs, I'll be happy to refer you to a colleague.

Do you supervise trainees for expressive arts therapy certification?

Not any longer.

Do you consult with therapists and people interested in dreamwork on your particular approaches to dreams and the creative arts?

It depends on my availability. I am always happy to explore possibilities and make referrals to others familiar with my approaches if I’m currently committed.

Would you give a workshop for our group?

My schedule does not permit me to offer these any longer.



Do you teach anywhere I might take classes with you on an ongoing basis?

Not currently. For many years, I was a Full Professor (part-time) and Founder/Director of the Creative Expression masters and doctoral level programs at Sofia University in Palo Alto, California. However, I resigned so I could have more time for my practice, my writing, and art. Now I am simply a Professor Emerita and refer people elsewhere for teaching.