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Simple Ways for Bringing the Wisdom of Your Dreams to Waking Life

Jill Mellick

Conari, 1996
Foreword by Marion Woodman

An in-depth, unique approach to working deeply with dreams and nightmares. Jill believes that dreams are not the words we use to describe them and so deserve to be treated as artforms naturally occurring in the psyche and more akin to the world view of tribal peoples and quantum world views. Using cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary, and Jungian approaches. Jill introduces us to over 50 multimedia ways to work discerningly with our dreams, ways that do not require skills in the arts. This book also addresses how individuals, groups, therapists, and workshop leaders can each use this book differently. Included in the book are many quotations from a rich variety of respected and hard-to-locate sources: psychological, philosophical, anthropological, and ethnographic. The book includes a rich variety of photographs of dreamers' art.

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