"The Power of Place: Recent Landscapes"
A Benefit Art Show

April, May, June 2012

Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
1069 East Meadow Circle,
Palo Alto, 94303

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Artist Reception

3-5 PM April 29, 2012

ITP's Gaia Room and Courtyard

Profits donated to Breast Cancer Connections and the Creative Expression Program at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

Life is But a Dream: An Interview with Jill Mellick by Fabiana Fondevilla (In Spanish - click here)

Very few still doubt that the strange stories which visit us at night when we close our eyes are filled with meaning. But how to decode those symbolic messages from our unconscious? Some visit a psychologist, others look in dream journals. Jill Mellick, a jungian analyst, poet and painter, chooses another path: that of the creative imagination, intuition and art.

Who has not woken up perplexed by the incredible adventures lived in a dream? Who has not overflown the world with the freedom of an eagle, or dropped freefall from the highest heights and lived to tell the tale? Beautiful, sinister, inspired or recurrent, dreams constitute a parallel life we all share, even if we don’t remember it.  Freud, Jung and other seekers of the mind have erected their entire opus on such strange foundations.

A  question comes to mind: Is it necessary to understand what a dream means to be able to make its message one’s own?  Jill Mellick, a Jungian psychologist born in Australia and living in California, believes it’s not. A plastic artist, poet and explorer of indigenous American cultures, Mellick relies on her knowledge of the human soul to propose an alternative path: to approach dreams with love, on tiptoes, without demanding anything, listening to them as one would a friend. Instead of the analytic interpretation, Mellick proposes such tools  as art, singing, imagination, dance.
In the course of a  telephone conversation from her home in Palo Alto, California, the psychologist provides us with a road map.